With our patented S-Line center chamber, F430 owners can now enjoy the true F1 sound! In addition to a hand made quality exhaust system, our proprietary spring loaded soft mounts significantly reduce harsh vibrations. These mounts are designed to allow the expansion and contraction or the exhaust system during a heat cycle. Thus taking load off of the system. This prevents exhaust failure - An all too common occurrence with the 360, and 430 platform.


Top quality 316 and 304 stainless steel is the foundation of every S-Line exhaust. Weight reduction over the rear axle is another great benefit of the Sline sound exhaust system. For added performance, install our S-Works Titanium Heatshield! 


Our systems weigh in at less than 28LBS! Almost half the weight of the factory system. Wait till you remove your stock or aftermarket system and compare the S-Line side by side. But the sound is really what it is all about- If you want that real deal european Grand Prix formula one sound- Install an S-Line system!

The S-line F430 system is a direct bolt-on with no modification needed to OEM. Car can be returned to original with no issues. 


S-lineSound Ferrari F430

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